Edge Products 85150 Evolution CS Programmer video review

The Edge CS programmer installed easily without any problems. I use it on my daily driver which is a 2003 Ford F-150 with 37 inch tires with no other power mods. I can seriously feel the difference in power and the shifting adjustments helped my trucks extremely sluggish stock shifting. The only problem is that it says that the programmer comes with an “Economy Power Level” but does not explain that the economy setting depends on you make and model but that is not a problem because I got the programmer with the intentiion of using it for increased power and torque not fuel economy. I have had this programmer installed for around 8 months now and have not run across a single problem in those months.


The Evolution CS and CTS in-cab controllers, monitor and digital gauge display feature a full-color, high-resolution displays in either 2.4 inches or 4.3 inches. The CS features a ruggedized case, user-friendly buttons, an easy-to-navigate menu, and a light sensitivity meter that automatically adjusts the brightness for improved viewing for day and night driving. The CTS offers all the great features of the CS but is a touch screen unit and features a video port allowing users to connect Edge’s state of the art back up camera (sold separately including night vision and locking license plate mount) or any compatible off-the-shelf backup camera or video source.

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